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We are all familiar with the fragrance of spices and a tasty meal! But how do we tackle lingering odors that result from putrefying food items to stacked juices and from stored up meat to overcooked porridges?

Kitchen is supposed to be one of the most hygienic and aromatic places in your home and at FRESHULE, we intend to do just that!
Due to oil particle permeation and humid air that traps it, kitchen odors are often hard to neglect. Especially when the stink comes from leftovers – it may become unbearable.

The activated charcoal molecules in FRESHULE absorb the fuming, hot particles and the resultant smells – thereby trapping the odor inside and blocking the rancid smells.

Moreover, due to its absorbing properties, activated charcoal reduces the moisture content in the enclosed spaces and clears out any vent-blockages.

Completely chemical-free and non-toxic, FRESHULE bag is the ultimate answer to kitchen odors of all kinds.


Your pet is your dear! You feed it nutritious diet, take it around for walks or activities, play with it and love to care for it. But is this enough?
Naturally, your pet is not immune to skin heat and the resultant sweating. This not only affects the overall hygiene of your pet’s atmosphere but is unhealthy as well.
The sweaty odor permeates the air and you can feel it directly. Besides, it gets trapped and there is no release, especially in confined spaces. The result is there for you to see and feel.
But not to worry anymore! FRESHULE is exactly what you need.
The activated charcoal molecules and the inherent property of absorption allow the air to be cleared of all unwanted smells and odors. The charcoal seizes the odor-causing agents in the air and absorbs them totally – giving a freshness that is unmatched.
FRESHULE bag works as soon as it is placed in the enclosed area and begins to treat the air at a very quick pace. This ensures that there is no unwanted or rancid smell around.
FRESHULE gives you the aura of pure rejuvenation and is completely non-toxic. It does not induce any smell chemically but works naturally.


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